A dystopian cyberpunk RPG FPS with player owned property, vehicles, and crafting on the beautiful Oculus Rift enabled Unreal Engine 4.0!

Background and Setting

Reign of Militias takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future not too far from today. A nuclear disaster from a faulty mega power-plant in Antarctica has caused the western ice sheet to break off and fall into the ocean. The resulting displacement of the world’s oceans causes sea level to rise twenty feet across the globe.

As the war obsessed authoritarian governments of the globe struggle to cope with the wreckage, a global body of mega-corporations slowly seize power of existing political systems, turning the entire world in to a technology infested Corporate Oligarchy. The class gap widens, and the lower class expands exponentially. Those unable to afford expensive augmentations required for employment are left to fend for themselves against bandits, mega-corporations and other desperately poor people. With authoritarian corporate fused governments unable to maintain control outside their corporate enclaves, these miserable people come together and form gangs, syndicates, and militias for their own protection.

In spite of these catastrophes, mega-corporations manage to keep technology moving forward. Medical, computer, and energy production advances change the lives of the privileged for the better, but make the lives of those in the lower classes worse. The advent of Artificial Intelligence leads to a large restructuring of the economy, leaving unskilled workers left to sustain themselves. Modern weapons and augmented soldiers allow the authoritarian mega-corporations to continue their turf war with each other as well as with various "black markets".


A peek at the Skills


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Augmentation UI progress


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Inventory UI progress


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